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Marjorie Firmin

Bilingual Tutor, Consultant & Writer

Tutora, Consultora y escritora Bilingüe

What is it that nourishes your soul and brings joy to your life?

If you know what it is, make room for it.

Leading a holistic life means living life in a way that is both natural to us and the world in which we live. It benefits us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Writing and Journaling:

A Spiritual Discipline for Healing and Better Health

“You don’t put yourself in your writing, you find yourself there.”

In the movie The Lady in the Van, Alan Bennett is a writer who lives by himself. He describes himself as having two selves: One is the "living self," and the other is the "writing self." For him this duality is a necessity since writing is "talking to oneself." Throughout the movie he has many adventures with the Lady in the Van. As a result he finds himself integrated into a whole being. For many people including me, writing is a spiritual discipline and can lead to healing and integration of our lives. For me as a Christian woman, I have found integration through a regular practice of Christian Meditation, Bible studies, and prayer. In other words, I hang out with the Master of my heart: Jesus Christ.

I have been writing since I was a teenager. Long before I became a high school Spanish teacher, I dreamed of being a published author. Then teaching took over my life, and there was no time for writing except my lesson plans, and learning about how to implement technology in my classroom. When you teach, you realize that nothing is about you, but about your students. They become the 

center of your world... They become "your" children. This statement brings to mind a devoted first grade teacher I once knew who went to the doctor for her checkup. She was single and had no kids of her own, but when the doctor asked her, "Do you have children?" She answered, "Yes. I have twenty-one kids!" The astonished doctor replied, "Twenty-one kids!!! You're kidding me, right?" and she responded, "Of course not... I am a teacher!" Please click her to continue reading this message.

It Works: A Daily Practice of Meditation

Most people think that the purpose of meditation is to handle stress, to tune out, to get away from it all. While that's partially true, The real purpose of meditation is actually to tune in, not to get away from it all, but to get in touch with God. Not to just de-stress, but to find that peace within, the one the Bible reveals: PEACE that surpasses all understanding.

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