Tutora, Consultora y escritora Bilingüe 

Marjorie Firmin

Bilingual Tutor, Consultant & Writer

I will love to hear from you! 

For a free Consultation, just write a short message. Thank you for your interest in my services. I do consultation face to face, or through e-mail and Skype. 

I’ll admit it up front: 

I’m a BIG FAN of the telephone as well as Skype and WhatsApp consulting and coaching because I live a nomadic lifestyle, and I travel a lot. But even before. When telephone was the only remote consulting and coaching option. Even before I retired from teaching in 2010. I used to take clients in my Home-office and I loved that. But now, that is not feasible anymore. 

I have clients in The USA and other Spanish speaking countries who I have never met, yet we have had as strong a bond as any I have coached face to face.  

The pro's of Skype or Phone consulting and coaching:

  • Without the confront of being face-to-face, YOU may feel safer and often prepared to be far more intimate and revealing of true issues that are going on. 
  • You DO need somewhere quiet and private where you won’t be interrupted. 
  • You can be in your favorite PJ's when we meet, and skip the traffic:)