Consultora, Escritora & 
Traductora Bilingüe, 

Bilingual Consultant, 
Writer & Translator

Marjorie Firmin

Bilingual Consultant, 
Writer & Translator 

God, Medicine & Miracles: The Spiritual Factor in Healing

Have you ever gone into a doctor's office and come out feeling like a laboratory project rather than a human being? This book offers a refreshing perspective.

In Dr. Daniel's forty years in the medical community, he has discovered an important truth: people find more complete healing when treated as integrated persons - with minds as well as bodies, emotions as well as muscles, spirits as well as skin.
Through real-life stories and insightful studies, Fountain uses his experience to explore a balanced relationship between faith, medicine, and ultimate spiritual hope. (Click on the picture to purchase this book)

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  • If Jesus healed all who came to him, what is possible for those who trust in him?
    Solid, biblical theology and practical advice merge to bring a power-packed answer to your desire to see God be God through your life, and to grow closer to Him. 

    Jesus' life was completely supernatural, and he invites us to follow his example. Supernatural Discipleship explains how discipleship, healing and your personal walk with Jesus are inseparable. God's healing can move through you to those around you -- all of the time!
    Supernatural Discipleship will show you:
    -The primary obstacles standing between you and seeing many, many people healed around you.
    -Historical studies of four imperfect people who saw everyone who came to them healed at one time or another.
    -Modern testimonies of healing and miracles in the United States... And much more! (Click the picture to purchase this book)